Saddle Fitting and Saddles

Saddle Fitting and Saddles



Here at Bobbo Equestrian we are fully equipped to supply and fit new and used saddles manufactured by The Saddle Company. 

Our fitters are all qualified and competant in fitting, and servicing the full range of saddle company saddles, with full factory back up and assistance on hand. We are ableto advise our customers on repairs and alterations as well as design and fit bespoke fully adjustable saddles

Why do we work with the Saddle Company? Heres why.

The Saddle company Saddles are manufactured using an injection moulded synthetic tree, that is not only stronger than a traditional wooden tree, but also infinatly adjustable to fit your horse or different horses. The use of Serge under paneling allows us, as fitters, to re flock and adjust saddles on site if you choose to buy a second hand saddle, or make adjustments to newly ordered saddles to ensure a perfect fit every time. 


An injection moulded Saddle Company Tree

Each saddle company saddle is built around you and your horse to ensure perfect balance which is the key to a well fitted saddle. when buying a new saddle, we can have this manufactured in many different ways, all to ensure perfect fit and at no extra cost. For example, we have customers who require a 17" seat, but the horse will only accept a 16.5" panel. No problems, when our saddle fitters come and measure up, we will ensure that all the correct details are noted so your saddle will fit both horse and rider perfectly. 

So what saddle is for me?

The Saddle company manufacture a wide range of saddles from 14" pony saddles, upto 18" adult saddles in a variety of different fits. Each saddle is induvidually made by a skilled saddle maker. 
The range of saddles are as folows:

  • Close contact Jump
  • Event Cross Country
  • General Purpose
  • Endurance
  • Cob
  • VSD
  • Working Hunter
  • Dressage
  • Pony close contact jump
  • Pony GP
  • Pony Working Hunter
  • Pony Dressage

The saddle company have 5 different models of saddle to choose from both in Black and Brown

  • VERONA - Soft Leather seat and flap, with a serge panel
  • VICENZA - Softleather seat and solid flap with a serge panel
  • GENOA - Standard all leather with a serge flap
  • SIENNA - Quality buffalo printed leather and a serge panel
  • OPULUS RANGE -  A brand new range that is currently being developed. 

Although Saddle company saddles come with a Serge panel as standard, this can be manufactured with a leather panel atno extra cost. 

Additions and extras include

  • Point and balance webs or straps
  • Nubuck or Suede seat and knee 
  • Memory Foam Seat


To arrange a time for one of our fully qualified fitters to come and visit you to discuss your requirements, please call us on 07838769173 or email us through the page or our facebook page. We shall talk with you and explain fully, how Saddle company saddles can benefit you and your horse.